There are two types of people: rationalists and adventurers. The latter do not consider an option where they may not be lucky. Only after losing everything, they stop and wonder “how did it happen”. Rationalists, in turn, after each loss, conduct a thorough analysis of what happened, and do not immediately bet again in order to recoup.
It must be remembered that bookmakers are not at a loss, on the contrary, every year they expand the list of their clients and assets. A small percentage of players win, therefore, to be among them, you need to have a cool head.


Reasons for losing

Many attribute their successes and failures to luck, however, the matter of chance has practically no effect on the situation. Much more important is good analysis and calculation.
The main reasons for “bad luck”:
Expecting a quick win. Nothing happens at the snap of a finger. Making money on bets on a brand new car is more of a fairy tale than a reality. Only in advertising, newcomers bathe in a rain of money, and in reality, increasing your entry fee by 30% ー is the maximum success.
The choice of unscrupulous bookmakers. Before registering, it is important to check the bookmaker for honesty. Read reviews on independent portals, find out information about the license and location of the company. Only after making sure that they will not cheat here, it makes sense to deposit money into your account and place bets.
Reliance on other people’s predictions. Everyone makes mistakes, even the most successful cappers.The player must himself understand the chosen sport, analyze all previous games, be interested in the state of health and mentality of team members, read the news and put this puzzle together in his head, and not trust someone else’s opinion.


Failure leads to success

Losing bets is an absolutely inevitable story. No bettor can boast of an absolute win in every bet. And every loss is food for thought and ground for future success. He teaches not to get excited, to stop in time to show willpower. Teaches you to look for weaknesses in your own analytical abilities. It forces you to find options in which there are safety nets and you don’t need to bet everything.
Your own emotions become the main enemy or friend in the game. The ability to keep them under control will save the player from many losses.